Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing industry has seen rapid development and growth in last few decades in India and is expected to grow at much faster pace in coming future. The Indian manufacturing industry has been growing consistently for over a decade and has been fuelling the country's economic growth. Known for its low cost base, India is now home to several multinational manufacturing companies and is all set to become a huge export base.

The arrival of newer players has triggered a healthy competition. With improving benchmarks and increasing expectations from customers, manufacturers are now challenged to tune up their innovative skills in differentiating their products from competition. Indian manufacturing/engineering industry employs over 4 million skilled and semi-skilled workers (direct and indirect). India's rich talent pool of scientists, researchers, and engineers, as well as its large, well-educated English-speaking workforce and democratic regime make it an attractive destination for manufacturers.

Inwove with its dedicated team of consultants and researchers is well positioned to service clients in this sector. Inwove has in its staff people from this very industry whose knowledge and understanding of all various functions and operations of manufacturing and engineering sectors. We have yearned to design our processes, techniques and staff timely to better suit the needs of the industry and face new challenges.

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In order to gain a competitive edge in the aggressive marketplace, workforce learning and development has become an area of prime importance. A trained staff will be at par with current market strategies, forces and technologies, and in turn show better results and performance. This is also an important factor in employee motivation and retention.